User projects page

Here you can find some ideas and links to energy projects.

What to build?

In the Netherlands we have sunshine and wind in the summer (not guaranteed during the event). Bring a solar panel or a wind generator!

A woodgas generator is also a nice thing to build and bring. It can provide power during the night. But don’t let it run unattended and don’t store the gas! Also make sure it’s not too loud.

Children (and some adults) have a lot of energy in them! Build an energy generating playground apparatus.

Dutch people love bikes, hookup some generators and let people do a stationary power race or something. Or hack your electrical bike, turn the motor into a generator and charge that battery during a trip. When you’re back, dump the energy into the grid!

You probably have a great idea too!

What not to build?

Things that run on sewage or other rotting, smelly and/or hazardous substances.

Generally dangerous machines, safety first!

Very loud machines.

Things that are heavy and fly.

What if I’m not sure?

Just contact us!

Just a bunch of links…

There might be a number of links dead.

Some projects can be bogus. Use at your own risk!

If you have some links we can add, contact us!


Wind energy:…/Wind Turbine Instructions.pdf

Heat to power:

Water energy:

Human energy:

Bio energy: