DC-DC test results

We’ve ordered some cheap converters from aliexpress and tested them for you.

First of all, the best ones for laptops are the RCNUN 48V-19V 10A converters.
Just use these in conjunction with our safety circuit (in development). The safety circuit will protect your equipment if anything goes wrong. The safety circuit will be available at SHA2017 as a kit too.

Specs YDS3xx YDS5xx SH-PWS6 HRD05003 WD6001J RCNUN 48-19V 10A
I(max) 3.5A 5.5A not limited... Not tested, sorry... Not tested, sorry... At least 7A (didn't have 10A sink)
Vin(max) >=50V >=50V >=54V >50V >56V range: 32-60V
Eff(meas)@Vout 80%@6.7V 87%@23V 86%@12V 93%@24V 94%@12.5V 88%@12V 90%@12V 92%, every input Voltage
Output short test OK! (5W power dissipation) OK! (7W power dissipation) Burns out! Not safe... OK! (5W power dissipation) No, will burn out! OK! (25W power dissipation)
Max. temperature(meas) Hot! >90 Celsius Hot! >90 Celsius About 80 Celsius Hot! >90 Celsius About 80 Celsius Didn't got hot at all!
Failmode Input Voltage on output Input Voltage on output 0V on output (not guaranteed) Input current very high, shorted. Probably: Input Voltage on output Probably: Input Voltage on output Unknown
Idle current < 15mA < 15mA Not tested, sorry... 7mA 3.5mA 10mA