Help Wanted!

We need some more people to join us to realize this project. If you are good with fund raising, electronics, building cabinets, web design, or are a good spokesperson or have or any other skill that may come in handy, please drop us a mail on (any address) or join our #altpwr IRC channel at freenode. Thanks!

Help is still very much needed, benadski has taken an extra month (whole of July) of unpaid leave to finish the basics. If you can come over to help it is very much appreciated! 🙂

Open (sub)projects:

  • The website needs much more active editing / blogging!
  • Building, testing and (re)designing of over-voltage safety features until it’s absolutely failsafe.
  • Testing cheap power converters and documenting this so everyone can use the best ones (mostly done).
  • Paralleling 6 HP ESP120 power supplies and building a control/monitoring system for it (failed twice, third try works a lot better, still testing).
  • Building a user (opt in) power monitoring system, maybe with mqtt and dashboards.
  • Write a safety and basic instructions manual.
  • Doing presentations or reports on audio or video.
  • Raising funds and/or help with other money/taxes related things.
  • More, just tell us what you like to do for us!